Important Questions For Your DUI Lawyer

Hiring a criminal defense or dui defense attorney is not easy. It is usually a very difficult time. You or a family member has recently been arrested and you are under a great deal of stress. Questions about freedom, fines, and jail time are swirling through your head. In addition to some of the basic questions about the law we feel it is important to ask a number of additional questions when making the decison about the law firm you hire.

Here at Stone Locket we believe we have some of the most accomplished and respected defense attorneys in Northeast Florida and can answer each of the following questions with a resounding YES!

1. Does your defense attorney have ample experience?

The attorneys at Stone Lockett have over 75 years of combined experience in DUI defense. Our experiences range from 15-25 years. We are all seasoned veterans with many courtroom battles under our belts.

2. Are the attorneys at the firm consistently called upon by television and print media to provide insight and analysis on breaking legal issues?

Our attorneys are regularly called upon to provide in depth. expert legal analysis on curent legal events by national and local news outlets including television, newspaparers and magazines.

Partners Mitchell Stone & Lee Lockett Interviewed on Fox Actions News. View additional firm Media Coverage.

Mitchell Stone and Lee Lockett News Interview

3. Do the Attorneys at the Firm Serve in leadership roles in the the state of Floridas'most prominant  Criminal Defense and DUI defense organizations?

Attorneys at Stone Lockett serve in leadership roles and in fact spend a tremendous amount of their time instructing other attorneys in the complexities of DUI defense throughout Florida.

Attorney Mitch Stone serves as chair of the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (FACDL) "Blood, Breath and Tears" annual seminar. Mitch is also the author of the DUI Notes section of the official FACDL "Defender Magazine", serves as a faculty member at the Florida Bar annual "Masters of DUI" seminar.

Mitch is