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There are two separate proceedings after an arrest for driving under the influence. In addition to the criminal prosecution, the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles will independently determine whether to suspend or revoke your driving privileges.

The law firm of Lockett Law, P.A. has the resources, experience and knowledge in handling those administrative hearings and has successfully challenged license suspension for DUI and related offenses. Based in Jacksonville, we represent those accused of drunk driving in Duval County, Clay County, Baker County, Nassau County, St. Johns County and anywhere else in Florida our clients need us to go. Contact us today to fight to preserve your driver's license or limited driving privileges.

Highly Qualified DUI License Suspension Attorneys

When you are arrested for DUI in Florida, your driver's license will be automatically suspended where your breath or blood alcohol level exceeds the legal limit or if you refuse to take these tests, including a urine test. The arresting officer issues a temporary permit that allows you to continue driving until your DMV administrative suspension hearing, so long as your driving privileges were otherwise valid at the time of arrest. Our criminal defense lawyers will handle all the complicated paperwork, schedule the hearing and represent you in that proceeding. In many cases, we have successfully argued for reinstatement in misdemeanor DUI cases. For other clients, we can almost always obtain a hardship license to allow you to drive to and from work, school or other necessary travel.

We have also successfully appealed license suspensions after the fact to win drivers license restoration through appeals of DMV decisions.

You are represented by experienced criminal defense attorneys who understand that losing your driving privileges for any amount of time has a profound impact on your life.

Traffic Ticket Suspension Hearings

You can also be suspended for accumulating too many points on your Florida license within a certain period. We defend clients on the most recent traffic ticket that triggered a suspension, and we have also helped clients reopen old citations to have those dismissed or reduced. We can then argue at the DMV license suspension hearing to continue your full driving privileges. Contact us about any traffic violation, from a speeding ticket to driving while license suspended.

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