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Lee Lockett: Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer

Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer

First Coast News: Yes, it is still illegal to carry a gun without a license within 1000 feet of a Florida school

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News4JAX: State files motion for 6-member jury in trial of Aiden Fucci, teen accused of killing Tristyn Bailey

The State Attorney’s Office for the Seventh Judicial Circuit has filed a motion to impanel a six-member jury for the trial of Aiden Fucci, the teen accused of killing 13-year-old Tristyn Bailey, according to St. Johns County court records.

News4JAX: Clock is ticking for police in deadly drive-by shooting that took 13-year-old’s life, injured driver

Someone is responsible for a drive-by shooting that killed 13-year-old Prince Holland. Criminal attorney Lee Lockett said every day that passes without information, the community grows sadder and sometimes — quieter.

How Lockett Law Uses Drone Analysis To Help Clients

At Lockett Law, we have FAA certification for our drones — meaning all video we collect is admissible in court. We use our drones to reconstruct exactly what happened during the night of your arrest. Click play on the video below to learn more.

Drone Analysis To Help Clients

About Our Law Firm

With over 20 years of experience specializing in DUI and criminal defense, we go to court to win. Customer service is important to our business. Click play below to learn more about the Lockett Law approach

About Our Law Firm

Our Reputation

At Lockett Law, we have over 20 years of experience. We write quarterly articles for well-known DUI publications. We have reputations with judges, prosecutors, and other attorneys. Click play to learn more about our reputation and work.

Our Reputation

First Steps to Take After a DUI

If you’ve been arrested and charged for a DUI, the first step you should take is call a family member and attorney. You will have a court appearance the day after your arrest. Click play below to learn more.

First Steps to Take After a DUI

All About Field Sobriety Tests

The videos below discuss different field sobriety exercises and considerations on whether you should take them

Should I take field sobriety exercises?

The choice to take field sobriety exercises is a big one, and we recommend asking the officer to speak with a lawyer if possible. One thing to keep in mind is that these tests are almost always filmed and recorded. While you are legally obligated to take breath, blood, and/or urine tests, you do not need to take the field sobriety tests.

The Finger-to-Nose Test

Finger-to-Nose Test

The Walk-and-Turn Test

Walk-and-Turn Test

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