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If you or a loved one have been arrested and are facing criminal charges, retaining an experienced criminal defense attorney is essential. Florida prosecutor’s are notoriously “tough on crime” which, in turn, means having an experienced Neptune Beach criminal defense lawyer can make all of the difference in the outcome of you case.

Lee Lockett and the defense firm of Lockett Law, P.A. leave no stone unturned to be sure that all of our clients’ rights are protected. Lockett Law offers an initial, free-of-charge- consultation and, from there, we set our focus on obtaining the best possible resolution possible for our client, ideally an acquittal or the charges being dropped.

If you have been arrested in Neptune Beach, contact a criminal defense attorney in Neptune Beach, FL to schedule your free consultation and ensure your rights are protected. We are ready to defend you and have extensive experience obtaining favorable verdicts in a number of criminal cases.


Dui Defense Lawyer in Neptune Beach, FL

Far too often, DUI cases are treated as a quick fix, with defense attorneys often entering plea deals to quickly resolve the case, rather than bringing forth a defense and fighting the case. Here at Lockett Law, we want to fight the case! Our goal in every DUI we encounter is to ensure our client’s rights are protected and we work to get those charges dismissed, dropped, or reduced. We have extensive experience and success when it comes to DUI cases.

While some defense attorneys may wait on the prosecutor to deliver a favorable offer, we take a more aggressive approach to the defense of our clients. From the moment the client’s driver’s license is confiscated during the DUI arrest, we encourage clients to begin working on their defense immediately.

If you are arrested for a first DUI offense, you could potentially face a fine of $500-1000 and even up to 6 months in county jail. A repeat DUI offender will likely face more strict penalties, incarceration possibilities, and license suspension. Finding a skilled and experienced DUI defense attorney in Neptune Beach, FL is essential.

Drug Crimes in Neptune Beach, FL

Florida is not what one may consider a “progressive” state when it comes to drugs and criminal drug charges. Prosecutors tend to be very harsh on drug charges, including possession, trafficking, manufacturing, and possession with intent to distribute.

In fact, even a simple possession charge could result in a felony conviction. Any felony conviction can have lifelong consequences pertaining to finding employment, housing, etc. If you or a loved one has been arrested and charged with a drug crime in Neptune Beach, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney today.


Sex Crimes

Individuals who are charged with sex crimes in Neptune Beach will often face consequences and challenges unique to their charge that other defendants would not encounter. For instance, many times, those accused of sex crimes are assumed, especially in the public eye, to be guilty. Any time an individual is charged with a sex crime, the stakes are incredibly high and the consequences can be remarkably severe. Contact an experienced sex crime defense attorney is critical.

No matter whether one is charged with sexual assault, date rape, lewd and lascivious conduct, or any other sex crime, jail time can be a real possibility, as well as having to register as a sexual offender if found guilty. Furthermore, if convicted and required to register as a sex offender, there are numerous social consequences that accompany such a conviction. Here at Lockett Law, P.A. we take any sex crime accusation very, very seriously and attempt to leap into action immediately. Collecting evidence is imperative in defending against these accusations.


Violent Crimes in Neptune Beach, FL

Of all the crimes in Florida, violent crimes tend to produce the harshest sentences. In fact, with violent crimes, it is not uncommon to be under additional supervision even after any incarceration may be completed.

The majority of violent crimes are considered felonies, which carry stiffer sentences and harsher social consequences when pursuing housing, employment, etc. Here at Lockett Law. P.A., our Neptune Beach criminal defense lawyers have experience defending clients from a number of violent crimes, including:

Criminal Defense in Neptune Beach, FL

If you or a loved one has been arrested in Neptune Beach, contacting an experienced criminal defense firm to begin formulating your defense is critical. Contact one of our experienced lawyers today and schedule your free consultation.

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