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When facing criminal charges, it is essential that you retain the right attorney to defend you. Florida prosecutors promote themselves as “tough on crime,” and this often means that prosecutors are quick to overcharge and slow to offer plea deals. In this environment, only an experienced Ponte Vedra Beach criminal defense lawyer has your back.

At Lockett Law, P.A., we work overtime to ensure that our clients’ rights are protected. From the very first consultation all the way to the resolution of the case, we keep our eye on the ball and never lose sight of the ideal resolution—dropped charges or an acquittal.

If you or a loved one has been arrested, or if the police have questioned you as a suspect, you need an attorney in your corner. Our team has proven itself skilled at handling the following cases.

DUI Defense in Ponte Vedra Beach

Some criminal defense attorneys unfortunately view DUI cases as “open and shut,” with little room for bringing a defense. That is not our approach. We work to get charges dismissed, reduced, or dropped. We understand the law of DUI inside and out, and we use an individualized approach to bring the best defense for your case.

Too many DUI defendants sit back and hope the prosecutor gives them a fair shake. Instead, we encourage clients to begin building their defense from the moment they have their licenses confiscated by an arresting officer.

Someone facing a first-time DUI offense is staring at a $500-1,000 fine and up to 6 months in jail. If you are a repeat offender, the penalties are more severe. On top of everything, you will probably lose your license for at least a year in an administrative suspension. Finding a capable defense attorney to tackle your case is essential.

Drug Crimes

Florida does not take an enlightened approach to drugs. Instead, state and federal prosecutors aggressively go after people for possession, manufacture, and trafficking of marijuana, prescription drugs, and other controlled substances. A simple possession case might get someone a felony conviction, which can have disastrous collateral consequences going forward with respect to getting a job or renting an apartment.

Lockett Law, P.A., realizes that many officers violate a defendant’s rights when searching and confiscating drugs, and we are prepared to ask the judge to toss the evidence out of court. This makes winning a case much easier and also forces the police to clean up their act.

Sex Crimes

Those accused of sex crimes face many hurdles that other defendants don’t. For example, they are automatically assumed to be guilty on nothing more than the alleged victim’s accusation. Aggressive defense is necessary to protect a person’s reputation and safeguard their freedom.

Whether accused of rape, sexual assault, or another sex crime, defendants are facing time in jail as well as the possibility of having to register as a sexual offender. Registration requirements can make it very difficult for defendants to reintegrate back into society, even after having paid back their debt by serving time in prison. At Lockett Law, P.A., we realize how important it is to collect evidence quickly to defend against a sex crimes prosecution, and we are willing and able to investigate the alleged victim’s background to better understand why they would make the allegation.

Violent Crimes

Violent crimes often draw the stiffest sentences, with clients facing up to 30 years in jail and fines up to $10,000. Even after being released from jail, some defendants might be under state supervision for additional time.

Many violent crimes are felonies, which can also compromise a person’s ability to move ahead with their life. For example, felons in Florida lose the right to vote, to serve on a jury, and to possess a firearm. Felons can also struggle to get into college or even take out a loan from a bank.

Violent crimes can include:

People who assist in violent crimes can also be charged, so something as innocent as giving money to your child after he commits a burglary could result in you facing a felony charge yourself. Lockett Law, P.A., gives violent crimes the seriousness they deserve. We can sift through the physical evidence, identify gaps, and press for a favorable resolution.

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