DUI convictions: How much do they really cost?

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DUI convictions: How much do they really cost?

DUI convictions: How much do they really cost?

Well that depends, on a lot. At Lockett Law, we want the client to be prepared for “resolution day” (when your case is finally over), because it can be daunting for some. It’s important to keep in mind that there are numerous “costs/fines/fees” that our firm does not control or benefit from (we are only paid the retainer fee you pay to us, nothing more). In an effort to prepare you for some of those costs, we have put together this handy guide as a way to plan ahead. No one ever plans on these types of expenditures, but for any facing a DUI, the following monetary obligations could be required. Of course for those who avoid a DUI conviction (e.g., state agrees to reduce charges to reckless, etc.), the costs will be substantially less.

The following list is not necessarily an exhaustive list of costs, but a very good estimate.


For those convicted of the DUI: (not all of the following costs/fees will apply in each case)**(Amounts are subject to change)


  • DMV administrative hearing costs:  $35
  • Process server Fees (subpoenas):   $100
  • Court Reporter Fees (if applicable):  $75–$200
  • Investigative fees (if applicable):  $150–$250
  • DUI School  $350
  • Court Fines: $500—$2000
  • Court Costs: $300–$550
  • DL Reinstatement Fees:  $30–$200
  • Costs of Probation:  $70/mo.
  • SCRAM (if applicable): $350/mo.
  • Vehicle Immobilization: $300—$1000
  • Ignition Interlock Device (if applicable): $300/mo. (6 months to 24 mo.)
  • Community Service hours buyout (if applicable): $500
  • Transportation Costs during suspension times where no driving permit is available (“Hard Time”) are too difficult to estimate but should be considered.

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For those who have their DUI charges reduced to Reckless can expect to pay significantly less in many of the above categories and can also avoid some altogether. For more questions on these potential costs, call our office today, our Jacksonville DUI Defense Lawyers are ready to assist you!