DMV changes during covid



Answers to some very important issues regarding DMV office closures and issuance of hardship licenses.

With all the madness surrounding state office and courthouse closures over the past two weeks, many Floridians have found themselves stuck without a driving privilege and without a “go to” source for information. Florida’s Bureau of Administrative Reviews, the arm of DHSMV tasked with presiding over hardship hearings, formal review hearings stemming from DUI arrests and the like, has closed its doors while the pandemic persists.

Likewise, so has the northeast Florida safety council. This is the organization in charge of DUI school, an essential step in obtaining a fully reinstated license and hardship business purpose only licenses. What do you do if your ten days (from date of DUI citation) are about up and nowhere to go to get an extension of your driving privileges? Below is an excerpt from a statewide email I sent out to other lawyers. As the group’s Chairman on all things DHSMV related, I was asked to speak to the Head at the Bureau to figure out how DHSMV was “weathering the storm”. I hope this helps, but if not, please contact us anytime free of charge and we will get you back on the road as soon as possible!

  • For those persons wanting to either waive the Formal Review Hearing, or request a hearing, they need to download the application form found here
  • Said forms/requests can then be emailed to one of the respective statewide offices:
  • Someone from DMV will then contact the client once the form is received and reviewed.
  • Payments referenced on the form ($12 or $25) can be made over the phone by credit card.
  • DUI School sign up locations in your area (here its northeast Fla. Safety council) are likely closed as well. Mr. Hines believes however that they will still handle enrollment over the phone and/or electronically.
  • As far as obtaining the actual/physical restricted Drivers License, that can be done, he believes, despite the Tax Collector Offices closures. He suggests most are operating with requests made by email or phone to fulfill DL requests. Contact the one closest to you for more information.
  • The above steps will also apply to those who have completed their DUI admin suspension hard time and need a hardship/BPO.
  • Those who were convicted of the DUI and have completed their conviction suspension period, will follow the same steps as well.

Please stay safe during these maddening times. Remember, know your rights. Know Before You Blow. Go to our DUI/FAQ page to learn more, or call 904-858-9818 now.

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