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Facing Assault And Battery Charges In The Jacksonville Area

It is a fact that friends, family or even strangers can have disagreements. The smart move is to walk away and let a cooler head prevail, but sometimes that is not possible. Assault and/or battery occurs when a conflict is heightened to the point where there is an act of violence (battery) that causes injury or the threat or act of violence without physical contact (assault).

Lockett Law, P.A., provides criminal defense representation for clients, including those facing assault and/or battery charges. We understand that the circumstances involving these charges often involve two sides of the same story. During initial consultation, attorney Lee Lockett will listen to your side of that story, understanding that it may not coincide with the report made by law enforcement. We then conduct our own investigations, often uncovering details missed or dismissed by the officer. Regardless of the circumstances, we always aggressively defend your rights and work toward a positive outcome.

Typical Charges We Handle

As with other criminal charges, assault and battery charges in Florida involve different degrees with corresponding penalties. The charges we handle include:

We Defend Your Rights

Even a lesser charge of simple assault can result in 60 days in jail, while the more severe charge of aggravated battery can result in prison term of 15 years. It is vital to protect your freedom and future by contacting a qualified criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. We can then help build a strong case that strives to dismiss or reduce the charges. Often this involves asking such important questions as:

  • Did you act in self-defense?
  • Did you act to defend property?
  • Did you act to defend another person?
  • Was it an accident?
  • Was there intent to do harm?
  • Was there consent for physical contact?

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