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Have you been accused of a crime in Fruit Cove? Unfortunately, criminal suspects cannot expect the prosecutor to respect their rights, so they need aggressive representation as soon as they are accused or suspected of a crime.

At Lockett Law, our firm has represented countless criminal suspects on a variety of charges. We will gladly meet with you anywhere to discuss your case, so please reach out today.

Criminal Defense Attorney in Fruit Cove, FL

Many criminal defendants represent themselves or use the overworked public defender. These are terrible choices. Instead, criminal suspects need their own criminal defense attorney in Fruit Cove to defend them.

The deck is stacked against you. The state has endless resources to pour into a case, and prosecutors know that the public generally assumes criminal defendants are guilty. For this reason, defendants must have a lawyer who knows how to find exculpatory evidence to use on their behalf.

The state does not respect your rights. Criminal suspects and defendants have many rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution, as well as our own state constitution. However, police and prosecutors routinely ignore them, believing that defendants without an attorney will never find these errors. We can.

You shouldn’t sit in jail awaiting trial. Criminal defendants have a right to a reasonable bail bond, unless they are a flight risk. Getting some judges to recognize this right, however, can be a challenge. We can stand up and argue you deserve a reasonable bail so you can return to work or school and be with your family.

You can win many cases. You might think that accepting a plea deal is the best possible outcome. In some cases, that might be true. But many cases are so shoddy that our clients have managed to have charges dismissed outright, or we can win at trial. There is no reason to hope the prosecutor will take things easy on you, even if you don’t have a criminal history.

Criminal Cases We Handle

At Lockett Law, we have deep experience defending people against all sorts of criminal charges. We understand the intricacies of criminal law and procedure and can use this knowledge to your advantage. Our experience encompasses the following:

  • DUIs. We have helped first-time offenders avoid jail and helped repeat offenders keep their licenses. We can defend a DUI whether based on alcohol or drugs.
  • Sex crimes. In this era of #MeToo, sex crime defendants are assumed to be guilty before the public hears even one piece of evidence. It is very easy to accuse someone of a sex crime, and we have defended people accused of sexual assault and rape.
  • Drug crimes. Our team has aggressively defended drug charges such as possession and trafficking charges of marijuana, narcotics, and prescription drugs.
  • Violent crimes. Crimes like assault, kidnapping, homicide, and attempted violent crimes carry the stiffest penalties in the state. Some lawyers run from these cases, but we don’t.

If a loved one has been accused of any of these crimes, you should also talk to an attorney. The state will prosecute people for aiding and abetting, often with only flimsy evidence, so it is important to protect your rights as well.

How to Defend a Criminal Case in Fruit Cove, FL

Every criminal defense begins by combing through the evidence to find mistakes and procedural missteps made by the police. Officers routinely forget to give all Miranda warnings, for example, or continue to question suspects even after they have requested an attorney. Field technicians are regularly sloppy in how they find and process physical evidence like hairs and fibers.

It is possible to win a case based on finding a mistake like this. At a minimum, it puts pressure on the prosecutor, letting her know that we mean to defend our clients aggressively.

Our office also looks for exculpatory evidence that shows our clients are not guilty. This evidence can include alibi witnesses or ATM receipts that show our clients were somewhere else when the crime was committed.

The state always has the burden of proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Many of the state’s witnesses have credibility problems because they have criminal records themselves. We will point out all the ways the state’s case is weak so that a jury has no choice but to acquit.

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If you have been accused of a crime, now is the time to put together the best defense possible. At Lockett Law, P.A., we have defended men and women in some of the toughest cases seen in Fruit Cove. Please contact us today to schedule a free consultation with an experienced Fruit Cove Defense Attorney.

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