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There is nothing minor about facing drug charges here in Jacksonville. A knowledgeable drug crimes lawyer with experience can be a tremendous asset in fighting criminal charges involving drugs, regardless of whether you or a loved one is facing possession, manufacturing or distribution, as well as drug laws involving minors. Florida law enforcement takes a particularly dim view on these kinds of charges, and it is best that you contact a drug charge defense attorney as soon as possible.

The legal team of Lockett Law, P.A., has a wealth of experience handling all types of Jacksonville criminal defense matters, including drug charges. Led by attorney Lee Lockett, our criminal defense team will steadfastly defend our clients as we work toward a positive resolution to your legal matters at both the state and federal level.

We Have Experience You Need With Defending Drug Crimes

We will aggressively protect your rights in front of judges and juries at state and federal levels in matters involving possession of drugs, intent to distribute, trafficking and other violations involving the following drugs:

Drug charges can range from minor possession to large amounts elevated to intent to distribute. The penalties are often quite severe and involve lengthy prison sentences, probation and fines. These charges also can go on your record, which can impact your standing with future employers, education institutions and professional organizations. It is always advisable to contact us as soon as possible to protect your future.

Offering Skillful Defense Of Your Rights

Lee Lockett and our team are equipped with the experience and knowledge to effectively fight for you, regardless of the charges. We tailor our defense to fit our client’s unique situation and then go through the legal process with them each step of the way. We continue to offer the strongest possible defense while also providing honest and detailed explanation of the status of your case. Contact an experienced Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney today!

Jacksonville Drug Charge Defense Attorney

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