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Violent Crimes, Felonies And Capital Offenses Charges in Jacksonville

There are many important issues at stake when an individual faces charges involving felonies, capital offenses or violent crimes. Whether it is DUI manslaughter, assault with a deadly weapon or betrayal of one’s country, it is vitally important to find a qualified lawyer to represent you. These charges often involve the most serious of sentences, including the death penalty, and are generally long and complicated cases.

Providing experienced criminal defense to people in Jacksonville and northeast Florida, Lockett Law, P.A., represents individuals facing a criminal charge, including violent crimes felonies and capital offenses. With over 20 years of legal experience, attorney Lee Lockett created this firm to work closely with clients facing the most challenging of circumstances. We always believe that a client is innocent until proven guilty and will explore every legal option to ensure that the rights of those charged are fully protected under the law.

Top Quality Criminal Defense in Jacksonville, FL

We offer effective defense against a wide range of criminal charges at the state or federal level, including the most serious and complicated ones:

Defense Against These Charges

There is always a defense to get a charge reduced or dismissed. Whether it is a decision by a judge or through direct negotiation with the prosecution, we strive for the best possible outcome in your case. We are always prepared when representing our clients, including investigating the circumstances of the charges, the arrest and every detail of the case. We explore every legal avenue when we fight for your freedom and liberty. Contact an experienced Jacksonville Criminal Defense attorney today!

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