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Those facing criminal charges have many challenges, yet the situation is particularly complicated for those charged with sex crimes. Despite the fact that the state and federal courts are designed to provide due process for the accused, the stigma associated with this type of charge often causes people, including employers, friends and even family, to quickly draw their own conclusions before the accused ever walks into a courtroom. Finding a qualified lawyer is crucial to fighting these charges.

Lockett Law, P.A., is located in Jacksonville and provides knowledgeable criminal defense representation to clients throughout northeastern Florida, often focusing on the most difficult of cases at the state and federal level. Instead of judging our clients, we work with them to gather all available information and to hear their side of the story. We find that law enforcement can jump to conclusions or make mistakes in the performance of their duty. An experienced Jacksonville sex crime defense lawyer can recognize these mistakes, effectively protecting your personal and professional reputation as well as your freedom.

Common Cases Involving Sex Charges That We Handle

We aggressively defend our clients against the following:

Defending You Against Sex Charges in Jacksonville, FL

Attorney Lee Locket has 25 years of legal experience working in private practice and the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit as an Assistant State Attorney. Under his leadership, we often focus on complex criminal defense cases that involve equally complex litigation and nuanced legal issues. Our success in defending clients under the most challenging of circumstances has led to the respect of the legal community as well as strong word of mouth among clients.

Depending on the circumstances of your case, we challenge the prosecution by arguing your side of the story. Often this involves determining:

  • Was the act consensual?
  • Did the act occur?
  • Are the facts of the charges accurate?
  • Were your actions mischaracterized?

Sex Crime Defense Attorney in Jacksonville, FL

Contact us immediately if you have been charged with a sex crime. Success often involves proactively defending yourself with the help of a Jacksonville sex crime defense lawyer with experience in these matters.

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