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At Lockett Law, P.A., our Fernandina Beach DUI lawyers provide effective and fully personalized legal representation to defendants. With more than two decades of experience handling DUI cases in Northeast Florida, we know how to protect your rights. If you were arrested for impaired driving in Fernandina Beach, you must act. Your license, and or your freedom, may be on the line. For a free, no obligation case evaluation with a top-rated drunk driving defense lawyer, please call us today.

DUI Defense in Fernandina Beach

A co-chair of Florida’s most widely recognized DUI seminar and an author on several articles on the topic, L. Lee Lockett is among Northeast Florida’s highest regard DUI defense experts. He has deep experience handling drunk driving cases. No matter the nature of your charges, we are ready to help. Some examples of DUI cases we handle in Fernandina Beach include:

What is Intoxicated Driving?

Under Florida law (Florida Statutes § 316.193), a person is guilty of driving while under the influence if they are found to be in “actual control” of a motor vehicle while “unlawfully impaired” by alcohol or drugs.

Similar to other states, the legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) in Florida is 0.08—meaning you can be charged with a DUI if your BAC is 0.08 or greater. That being said, there are other circumstances in which a defendant may be charged as well. If an officer deems you to be under the influence of drugs, you may be arrested and charged with intoxicated driving.

An Overview Of DUI Penalties in Florida

Criminal Penalties

First and foremost, drunk driving is a serious criminal offense. In Florida, DUI penalties are based, in large part, on the defendant’s prior history of drunk driving offenses, or lack thereof. A first time offense DUI is punishable by up to six months, a $1,000 fine, and 180-day license suspension.

From there, the maximum penalties will increase with every subsequent DUI up to a driver’s fourth offense. In Florida, a fourth time DUI can result in a five year prison sentence and a permanent license revocation.

Beyond that, a driver may also face heightened penalties based on the specific nature of their DUI. As an example, a person found to be “highly intoxicated” while behind the wheel will be subject to more harsh penalties.

Administrative Penalties

It is important to emphasize that criminal penalties are not the only type of punishment in Florida. Under state law, a driver arrested for a DUI will also be subject to administrative penalties. In fact, state authorities will move to suspend your license at the administrative level before you ever get your day in court.

You can stop an administrative license suspension—but you must act quickly. A driver is required to request a hearing within ten days of a DUI arrest. If you fail to do so, your driving privileges will be suspended for six months. Our Fernandina Beach defense lawyers will help you take action to save your license.

Additional Consequences

Finally, drivers convicted of a DUI are likely to face additional, non legal consequences. Among other things, your car insurance rates could skyrocket, you could lose your clean record, and you may even have trouble keeping your job.

Florida Drunk Driving Defense Attorney L. Lee Lockett Can Help

Many people incorrectly believe that there is little to nothing that they can do to fight a drunk driving charge. This is false. A DUI is a serious offense: You should not plead guilty without consulting with an experienced Fernandina Beach, FL drunk driving defense attorney. When you call our law office, you will speak to an attorney who is ready to:

  • Conduct a free review of the DUI charges;
  • Explain what you are facing and detail your options;
  • Investigate the matter—securing relevant evidence; and
  • Craft a defense strategy that best protects your rights and secures your future.

Every DUI case is different. To get the best possible outcome, you need a defense strategy that is narrowly tailored to suit your individual case. Our Fernandina Beach DUI lawyers are committed to handling every case with the personalized attention that it deserves.

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