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There are few events more upsetting for a parent or guardian than seeing your child face criminal charges. Children under the age of 18 can face many of the same emotional challenges that that previous generations did, but there are many more today as our lives and culture become increasingly complicated. These charges can lead to juvenile court or, worse, being charged as an adult in criminal court, which is a decision that is often at the discretion of the prosecution. Unfortunately, Florida is a state that has traditionally led the nation in trying children as adults.

A child’s future is on the line, so it is particularly important to contact an attorney with experience handling criminal law cases for juveniles and adults. Based in Jacksonville and serving northeastern Florida, Lockett Law, P.A., has extensive experience providing knowledgeable legal representation to minors and their families. We understand that charges like shoplifting, theft, underage drinking, possession and other charges can be life changing, impacting their educational opportunities, employment and personal freedom.

Common Juvenile Crimes We Handle

A child getting arrested is serious, particularly when it involves the following charges:

  • Assault and batteryA fight in school or elsewhere can potentially end up in court.
  • Burglary or trespassing: Kids sneaking into neighbors’ property and taking minor objects is no longer a prank.
  • Larceny: Petit larceny involves theft of items between $100 and $300 dollars, while grand larceny includes items worth more than $300.
  • Misdemeanor violations of drug laws: Possession of small amounts of marijuana or banned substances can still amount to serious charges.
  • Disorderly conduct: This can include fighting, loitering in certain areas, or even creating too much noise.

Protecting Your Child After Arrest

Kids will be kids. Sometimes they will make bad choices or get out of line. Whether accused of a DUI, a drug crime, or some other charge, the right lawyer can argue that there is a good person whose future should not be tainted by misstep. The right Jacksonville juvenile defense lawyer can find alternatives to incarceration and a criminal record that follows them into adulthood. While juvenile records are relatively easy to seal, this is not the case with adult criminal records. When your child is arrested, it is imperative to contact an experienced juvenile defense attorney as soon as possible. It is no secret the negative impact a criminal conviction can have on someone, so putting that label on a juvenile is something we aim to avoid at all costs. Fighting for the rights of you, your child, or any of our clients and obtaining the best possible is our utmost priority.

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