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If you’ve been arrested for a crime in Palm Valley, it is in your best interest to hire an experienced Palm Valley defense attorney as soon as possible. Police begin building a case against a person from the moment they first say “hello,” and you will be at a disadvantage if you wait until your arraignment or even later before obtaining legal help.

At Lockett Law, we have gone toe-to-toe with prosecutors on a variety of criminal cases, and we will gladly represent you. Contact us to discuss your case in a confidential consultation.

Criminal Defense Cases We Accept

Our attorneys have tackled some of the most complicated cases in Florida. We have extensive experience in criminal matters large and small, whether they are misdemeanor or felony charges. Some of the cases we have handled include:

  • Florida takes impaired driving very seriously and can charge someone with DUI regardless of what they blow on a breath test. Our lawyers have fought DUI charges based on alcohol or controlled substances.
  • Drug crimes: Drug laws are in flux, with Florida making medicinal use of marijuana legal. However, recreational drug use is a crime and Florida prosecutors like to overcharge drug crimes. These are often considered “slam dunk” cases, especially if drugs were found on your person, but it is possible to fight back.
  • Sex crimes: A defendant’s life can be ruined by one false accusation of sexual assault, pedophilia, or pornography. Those accused should lawyer up as quickly as possible to defend both their freedom and their reputation.
  • Violent crimes: Charges involving homicide, manslaughter, assault, and kidnapping carry some of the stiffest sentences in Florida. Prosecutors often “throw the book” at defendants in the hopes of scaring them into a plea deal.

If you have been accused of a different type of crime, please contact us. We will analyze whether we can help.

Why You Shouldn’t Just Go with the Public Defender

Florida’s public defenders take on over half a million cases each year to defend suspects free of charge. If you cannot afford a lawyer, then the state has an obligation to appoint a public defender in most situations.

One of the first questions many defendants have is, “Why shouldn’t I just go with the public defender?” Although they are excellent attorneys, public defenders are often overburdened. The state does not provide enough resources for them to hire sufficient staff, so caseloads are very heavy. Even the best, most committed public defender will probably cut corners—they have to in order not to be overwhelmed by the case load.

When you hire your own Palm Valley, FL criminal defense attorney, you will have a lawyer 100% committed to your case. A private attorney has no incentive to take on more cases than he can handle, because his reputation will take a hit if he provides poor service.

Your own lawyer can often dedicate more time to a case, which can help with evidence collection, witness interviews, and other tasks. A good criminal defense attorney is worth their fee.

How We Defend Cases

Some lawyers assume most cases are “unwinnable” and simply hope to get a plea deal for their client. That’s not how we approach cases. Instead, we fully intend to hold the prosecutor to their burden of proof—proof of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, which is a very high burden to meet.

Many prosecutors vastly overstate the strength of their case. Their witnesses are often other criminals with credibility problems, and any physical evidence probably wasn’t collected with a high degree of care. Prosecutors bluff that they have a “can’t lose” case and hope to intimidate defendants.

With our experience, we can take a magnifying glass to the state’s evidence against you and find holes and gaps. We can also look for evidence that shows you are innocent, such as an alibi witness. If we can undermine the prosecutor’s case, we are in a position to argue that charges should be reduced or dropped altogether. And we aren’t afraid to go before a jury and show why you are not guilty.

Of course, sometimes a plea deal is the most favorable outcome, but we don’t start from that position. Instead, we aim to win your case.

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