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Careful Examination of Blood Alcohol Test Results

Police officers must follow strict procedures when making a DUI arrest, particularly when they request field sobriety, or chemical tests for blood alcohol content (BAC), including Breathalyzer results, and urine and blood tests. What many people arrested for DUI do not realize is that often, proper protocol is not followed. When this is the case, the evidence collected may not be valid.

At Lockett Law, P.A., in Jacksonville, we carefully examine the details of our clients’ DUI cases, including all steps taken by the arresting officer(s).

We will determine if the police had probable cause to pull you over and arrest you, and whether they followed proper procedures when conducting field sobriety tests, a breath test and any other BAC tests.

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Lee Lockett’s Experience and Knowledge on Blood Testing

Lee Lockett’s expertise just got a powerful boost! In July 2023, Lee attended an exclusive four-day intensive Lab workshop in Chicago, hosted at the prestigious Axion Labs and Training Institute. Renowned Forensic Toxicology expert, Dr. Lee Polite, MBA, PhD, guided this training, which focused on the intricate methods used by crime labs in Florida – Headspace Gas Chromatography & Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry.

During this invaluable seminar, Lee delved into the precise processes that toxicologists employ to analyze blood specimens for alcohol and drug concentrations. He personally operated the Gas Chromatograph, injecting samples and mastering calibration tables. Additionally, he learned to install critical components like the capillary column, gaining insight into potential pitfalls and errors that may impact the reliability of blood test results.

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Armed with this cutting-edge training, Lee is now prepared to vigorously represent his clients facing serious DUI charges involving blood tests. He can skillfully challenge the government’s team of experts and toxicologists, armed with a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of Headspace Gas Chromatography. This level of expertise gives Lee an advantage that surpasses even that of most lab analysts.

Furthermore, Lee’s training goes beyond the instrumentation – it empowers him to decipher complex scientific jargon and interpret crime lab documents with ease. When handed voluminous litigation packets containing chromatograms, SOPs, calibration curves, and more, Lee knows precisely what to look for. His deep understanding of this “language” allows him to navigate these materials effectively and craft strong defenses for his clients.

Field Sobriety Test Defense Attorneys

At Lockett Law, P.A., we know that even the standard field sobriety tests produce inaccurate results a substantial percentage of the time. We regularly defend people charged with DUI in Jacksonville who have been given a field, breath and other blood alcohol level tests, including urine tests. A blood test should only be administered if a breath or urine test is impossible or impractical, or if there was an accident involving serious bodily injury.

If you were arrested for DUI, remember that you have rights. Our Jacksonville DUI lawyers will fight to protect your rights and prevent you from being convicted.

To speak to our attorneys regarding the reliability of blood alcohol tests during a free consultation, contact our law firm by calling 904-858-9818. We have Spanish speakers on staff. Se habla Español. We have two convenient office locations.

Article Updated July 25, 2023

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