DUI Do’s and Don’ts

How To Behave During A Traffic Stop For Suspected DUI



☑  …be polite to the officer. Arrogance and a bad attitude will only increase the chances of your being arrested.

☑ …provide biographical information such as your name and address, but see below advice on other questions.

☑ …keep your documents in an easy to find place. Officers presume you are impaired if you are fumbling around for your DL and registration.

☑ …maintain your innocence at your first appearance hearing and plead not guilty and bond out.




⛔  …drive drunk! Our best advice.

⛔ …answer questions that will incriminate you such as where you have been, or what you have had to drink. You don’t have to answer.

⛔ …feel obligated to take the sobriety exercises. They are not mandatory and you should ask to consult with an attorney first.

⛔ …allow the officer to search you or your vehicle. They need a lawful basis to do so and simply consenting waives your rights.

⛔ …take the breath test without careful consideration first. If you have refused one in the past, refusing again could result in an additional charge, but you should never make such a critical decision without the advice of a lawyer. Ask for one. Your license may be suspended if you refuse, but it will also be suspended if you blow over the legal limit. They will not tell you that! However, the decision to take the breath test or not really depends on the individual circumstances of your case, and it is best to ask to confer with an attorney prior to making this decision if you are able to do so.

⛔ …resolve your case the next morning in court if you are arrested. It is possible that an attempt will be made to convict you of the DUI right then and there. Do not do it, and do not sign any plea forms. Simply plead not guilty and bond out. You do not have to plead no contest or guilty to get out of jail.


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