Crime Wave Leaves St. Augustine Leaders Looking for Solutions

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Crime Wave Leaves St. Augustine Leaders Looking for Solutions

Crime Wave Leaves St. Augustine Leaders Looking for Solutions

St. Augustine, a city that has historically suffered high crime rates, has been hit by a wave of crimes in recent weeks. In one incident, an impaired driver drove through a cemetery wall and seriously injured a couple walking on the sidewalk. Other incidents include a sexual assault and a stabbing. In response, St. Augustine leaders have started to brainstorm ways to make the area safer.

Budgetary Solutions

One option that local leaders are considering is a budgetary increase that would provide more resources for law enforcement, putting them in a position to respond to crimes more quickly and serve as a deterrent to would-be perpetrators. The next budget could also include more support and resources for current police officers.

Reducing DUI Rates in St. Augustine

Impaired drivers pose a serious risk to visitors and residents of St. Augustine, so reducing the city’s DUI rates is a major priority for politicians and administrators. Legislators are considering providing more training to bar owners and bartenders. This training would help bartenders observe when a patron has had too much to drink and avoid overserving visitors, which may help those who are prone to binge drinking. Some believe that the city may need stricter noise ordinances or earlier closing times to discourage crime.

Business Improvement District

One solution that could affect local business owners is the development of a business improvement district. In a business improvement district, companies must pay additional taxes to support projects in their area. If downtown St. Augustine becomes a business improvement district, funds could be used to increase patrols, hire security, and finish other projects that would keep patrons safe. In addition to making this area safer, this solution could also make the area more appealing to visitors and bolster the local economy. Some have suggested having more patrol officers on four-wheelers, golf carts, or bicycles.

What This Means for You

Whenever a city tries to reduce crime rates, they have to strike a careful balance to satisfy everyone. While residents do want to be safe, they also don’t want to sacrifice their lifestyle or live under a microscope. There may be an increase in DUI traffic stops, making it even more important to avoid driving if you’ve been indulging. Note that this may also lead to an increase in unlawful traffic stops or misidentifying signs of impairment, since officers may be under pressure to crack down on impaired drivers. If you get stopped for driving under the influence, it is essential to retain a DUI attorney as quickly as possible.

Turn to Lockett Law for Help With Your DUI Case

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