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The Lesser-Known Financial and Career Consequences of a DUI in Jacksonville

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The Lesser-Known Financial and Career Consequences of a DUI in Jacksonville

The Lesser-Known Financial and Career Consequences of a DUI in Jacksonville

No one sets out hoping to hurt someone or cost themselves thousands of dollars when they get behind the wheel while intoxicated, but both scenarios are common outcomes. In 2017, law enforcement caught nearly 3,000 Jacksonville people driving under the influence. And even if an accident doesn’t result in any fatalities or injuries, a DUI can have a substantial impact on your life.

How the Fees Pile Up

Drivers convicted of DUIs often rack up a long list of fines and fees that can leave any budget strapped. You could find yourself paying a steep minimum DUI fine — even for a first offense — a penalty assessment, a state restitution fund fee, the cost of an alcohol education class, and a testing fee, just to name a few.

Looking ahead, a DUI can become even more expensive. Convicted drivers may have to pay license reinstatement fees and increased insurance rates for several years.

Beyond the standard fees and insurance expenses, a DUI could cost tens of thousands of dollars if it leads to a vehicle accident that causes property damage, physical injury, or a fatality. The cost of a DUI can quickly exceed insurance limits, putting personal property and earnings at danger of being seized. Many DUI crashes have expensive outcomes for drivers. In a recent accident, an impaired driver struck a utility pole and broke it in half before flipping her car over in a resident’s front yard.

Your Career After a DUI

A DUI conviction could prevent you from switching career paths or advancing in your current job. If driving is part of your job, you may find that you are immediately terminated or suspended, since many commercial insurance plans prevent companies from hiring employees with DUIs.

Even if your job does not involve driving, you could be at risk of termination after a DUI. This is particularly true for people with jobs that put them in a public service role, including teachers, doctors, nurses, and others in educational or medical careers. In these industries, employers may look at a DUI as a sign of impaired judgment, which could put vulnerable people at risk.

Many of these roles often require state licensure, which may also be at risk after a conviction. Those lucky enough to keep their job may find it difficult or expensive to get to work if they lose their driver’s license.

Recovering from a DUI

Getting stopped for driving under the influence can be confusing and overwhelming, but it’s important to act quickly and retain legal counsel if you want to limit financial and professional damage. With the help of a DUI Jacksonville, FL lawyer, you may be able to minimize the fallout from an impaired driving incident.

Jacksonville DUI Defense Lawyer

The consequences of a DUI conviction could follow you for decades, so it’s important to act quickly to get the assistance you need in Jacksonville Beach. Call Lockett Law, P.A. at (904) 441-5107 to discuss the details of your case. We have experience in DUI misdemeanors, first-time offenses, conviction reversals, underage DUI charges, and other impaired driving situations, and will look at your unique circumstances to build a strong defense for your case.

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