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Stone Locket Attorneys are consistenly sought after by the news media and renowned legal publications due to their experience and accomplishments in the area of DUI defense

Stone Locket Challenges the Intoxlizer 8000 software

View the Media Interviews on Action News Jacksonville and News 4 Jax.

Intoxilyzer Challenge

Mitch Stone Intoxilyzer Challenge

Dui Convictions Called into Question - Lee Lockett interview by First Coast News

Lee Lockett First Coast news

Mitch Stone featured on Action News Jax

Mitch Stone Action News

Man says "stand your ground" law saved his life. Read the Full Article

Lee Locket News Interview

Attorney Mitch Stone has consisently been a featured author in Florida Defender Magazine.

Defender Magazine 1

Trials matter

Mitch Stone Blood Article

DUI Convictions Being Called Into Question

Stone Lockett works with"Dr. Phil Family

Mitch Stone Talks about the Colorado Shooter Case

Stone Locket in the news

Lee Lockett talks to Channel 4 news

Lee Lockett was named new president of The Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Northeast Chapter for 2012-13. This was mentioned in the Jacksonville Daily Record in July 2012.

Lee Lockett